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    Dr. M A Thomas is a qualified Cost and Chartered Accountant with a Ph.D. in Information Security, from IIT Madras. We specialise in information security and business analytics.

    Information Security

    We provide assessment, assurance, and consulting services. Our assessment services are designed to help identify risks and threats and validate existing controls. We carry out vulnerability assessments, reviews of network security and information systems audits. Our consulting services include development of information security program and information security architecture and design.

    Business Analytics

    We focus on using business analytics for compliance management and fraud/anomaly detection. We use machine learning to solve problems for the insurance and finance domain. Our most recent task was related to insurance companies where we use ML to detect potentially fraudulent disability claims, auto-adjudicate claims, segment claims to predict return-to-work dates, predict short-term disability claims that are like to bridge over to long-term disability claims, speech analytics for insurance call centre, etc.

  2. Information Security

    Information Security

    We provide assessment, assurance and consulting services.


    Assessment Services

    Our assessment services are designed to help organizations identify risks, validate existing controls, and measure information security posture.

    Information Security Architecture
    Network Security Assessment
    Application Security Assessment
    Information Systems Audit
    Penetration Testing

    Information Security Architecture

    Whether your organization is building a new infrastructure from scratch or rebuilding an existing one, we can provide the following services:

    Network Access Controls
    Intrusion Detection/Prevention
    Email Security
    Information Leakage Detection/Prevention
    End Point Encryption
    Vulnerability Management
    Security Event and Information Management

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    Network Security Assessment

    We assess and provide detailed mitigation steps for security related issues and focus on enabling your business while maintaining security standards. Areas that are covered include:

    Network Access Control
    Endpoint Compliance
    Solution Architecture and Design
    Project Management
    Support and Training

    Application Security Assessment

    We help organizations identify weaknesses within their applications. Our testing methodology emulates the methods used by an attacker utilizing both automated and manual testing. Common web application weaknesses include:

    Poor Input Validation
    Weak Encryption
    Insecure Output Encoding
    Poor Error Handling
    Information Disclosure

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    Information Systems Audit

    We provide a full range of IT Assurance services, including technical, operational and security audits. Our service offerings include:

    IT Audit Services
    Compliance with IT RSPPSPI Rules 2011
    IT Due Diligence
    Risk Assessments
    Security Awareness Training

    Penetration Testing

    We simulate attacks to provide a current view of vulnerabilities and threats to the client's network infrastructure. Our service offerings include:

    Testing Wireless Networks
    Vulnerability Checks
    Hosts/Services Map
    Specific Remediation Steps
    Remediation Verification
  3. Business Analytics

    Business Analytics

    Our service include the planning and implementation of an overall analytics and business intelligence strategy. We identify opportunities for application of forecasts, statistical models, segmentation schemes, predictive models and machine learning.


    Compliance and Fraud Detection

    A reliance on manual sampling of transactions to audit accounts is ineffective, and often inadequate to fulfil regulatory needs. Anomaly and peer grouping methods can improve the detection of certain kinds of frauds. However, these methods are unable to generalise on new or unseen data. In such cases, to help organisations effectively reduce losses from fraud and errors, we use predictive analytical tools such as:

    Classification and Regression Trees
    Parametric and Non-Parametric models
    Ensemble methods

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    Marketing and Customer Analytics

    We help to provide our clients with a single, consistent view of their customer based on an objective and statistically valid framework. We capture data patterns that segments customers into categories that are usually not intuitively not obvious. We also attempt to match product or service features to individual customers.

    Segmentation and Clustering
    Prediction and Classification
    Customer Profiling

    Strategic Analytical Consulting

    We help organisations plan and implement overall analytics and business intelligence strategy. We provide long term solutions that help improve our clients' competitive edge.

    Optimization Strategies
    Predictive Modelling
    Game Theoretic Analysis

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    We are based in Chennai. If you are interested, please send us an email at mat AT


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